Surveillance Detectives in Delhi- Why You Need Them

Surveillance, or what we refer to as ‘Outdoor Activity Watch’ is increasingly becoming the need of the hour, because it is the only way to know the difference between what an individual is claiming to be the truth and what it actually is! 

Surveillance or Shadowing plays an integral role in not just getting personal information about your spouse or loved one but also in fraud cases and employment verification. 

Here’s how you can use Surveillance in Personal and Corporate Investigation: 

1) To check your spouse’s loyalty: In Pre Matrimonial Investigation & Post Matrimonial Investigation, we check where the subject goes, who do they meet, the places they go to relax, the activities they do in a day. It is essential to know whether the individual is absolutely honest about these things or not. No one wants to be involved in with a habitual liar for life. 

You could get a photo or video proof if they are seen with another individual of the opposite sex or in a compromising position, outdoors. 

2) Employment Verification: In verification of employee loyalty towards the company or their job, surveillance is done on the significant employees or business partners to know about their committment towards the job and work. 

There might be people who are not loyal towards their work and leak information to the competitors or go meet them away from the public eye. That is where Surveillance could help in monitoring their outdoor activities to find the loop-hole. 

We, at Lady Detectives India, help conduct Surveillance for Matrimonial & Corporate Investigation, which is carried out by our experienced investigators, who take note of each and every activity till the time suspect is back to home.

Contact us at +91 9891 722 733 to avail these services. 

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